Monday, June 28, 2010

The Lake

This weekend was our annual family reunion in Plymouth, Massachusetts. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Nanci were the gracious hosts once again for my father's 7 brothers and sisters and all of the extended family. There were about 40 of us. As a side note, my grandmother had 3 sets of twin boys and a girl in between each set. That's a whole other story.

I have such fond memories of going to Pete and Nanci's every summer. They live right up the street from a lake so we would pack bathing suits and go swimming for the day. My Uncle Peter is hilarious and makes all sorts of irreverent jokes. That is what we love about him. My Aunt Nanci has a heart of gold and I can always remember her yelling, "Oh my Gawd, Peter. That's gawgeous! Take a picture!" Peter happily obliged.
Here is Uncle Peter trying to go incognito!

Last summer I was hoping that we would have another family reunion in Plymouth so that I could introduce the girls to everyone.  For some reason it didn't happen.  This year, it almost took place in Newport but after a desperate e-mail to Uncle Pete (and a little coaxing from Aunt Nanci) it was decided that we would all gather in Plymouth.  Sophie and Lindsay would finally get to see where I spent some of my happiest times.

We got to the reunion around 1:00 and the girls got to meet their cousin Charlotte, who is only about a month older than them.  They got aquainted in the usual way; with food!
Once the girls had eaten a few pieces of sauce pizza and some fruit, it was time to swim in the lake!  Nana helped me get the girls in their swimsuits and Gampy and I quickly changed and put on ours.  Rick is not much for swimming in lakes so he bowed out.  His loss! 
Gampy and I carried the girls down to the lake and were eager to get in.  It was a warm, summer day and we knew the cool water would feel refreshing.  I got in first with Sophie who started splashing and laughing immediately.  Lindsay had the same reaction.  The bottom of the lake felt very familiar-sandy and a little slimy!  But I could have cared less.  I was too busy watching a new generation fall in love with my childhood paradise. 

My dad holding Sophie and me with Lindsay.

After our swim in the lake, we went back to the house to enjoy some dessert.  The girls had a great time exploring the woods near Pete and Nanci's.


But alas, they grew weary and it was time to go.  We carried them to the car, put all their gear away, and started our journey home.  It wasn't long before our little travelers were sound asleep.  Thanks again, Pete and Nanci, for another great reunion!  Love you guys!

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