Friday, August 13, 2010

Mommy's Little Klutz-Part 1

Sophie passing the time at Hasbro ER.
There is never a dull moment when you have twins and Wednesday night was no exception.  I took the girls to the park at 5:30 to let them run off some energy.  All was going well until I saw Sophie fall.  There was screaming, there was bleeding, and there was her sister kicking her shoes off at the same time!  I finally managed to get both girls into the car and I took a look at Sophie's injuries.  That is when I saw that the fingernail on her left ring finger was dangling off.  I don't mean a hangnail...I mean the whole fingernail was just about off!  Luckily, I had a bandaid in the car so I wrapped that around it and sped home.  Our neighbor happened to come over a few minutes after I arrived home and since he is trained in first aid, I had him look at it.  He said the words that I was dreading, "You need to go to Hasbro."  If you are not from here, Hasbro is our local children's hospital.  We were looking at a loooooong night!  I packed up her binky, her lovey, some diapers, wipes, drinks (apple juice for her, vodka for me), and a few snacks.  We arrived at the hospital by 6:45. 

We were directed to sit in the waiting room after we had checked in.  When we were taken into triage a few minutes later, the CNA told me that we would probably be sent down to Fast Tracks which is similar to a walk-in.  I was relieved.  Maybe we wouldn't be there as long as I had feared.  I asked the CNA if she could get me some hospital socks since I had forgotten shoes for Sophie in my rush to get her to the hospital.  She said she would be right back and left us in the room.  About 15 minutes later, a nurse came over and asked if she could help us.  When I told her we were waiting for socks, she got another girl to get them and then told us that there was no way we would be heading to Fast Tracks.  "She is going to need stitches," she said.  My heart sank.  I've had stitches and they hurt! 

We were sent back to the waiting room with our beautiful orange slipper socks.  They looked very cute on Sophie's feet even if they were a bit big.  The first two hours we waited really weren't that bad.  Sophie colored, watched a movie, and even was serenaded by a violinist playing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  She was quite happy!

It was at about 9:00 when things started to turn ugly.  Sophie was over tired and she got silly.  She began running around the waiting room in her slipper socks which almost caused another injury!  I decided that holding her would be my best bet which was met with screaming, thrashing, and kicking!  I was just about to lose my mind when our name was called.

To be continued....