Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 39th Birthday, Da!

Today Rick turned 39. I know what you're can I possibly be married to someone so much older than me (well, only by 2 years but who's counting??)? Luckily, he was given an unexpected day off so we let him do whatever he wanted. I was really surprised when he suggested that we spend some time at the park and the library. If you know Rick, he's not exactly a bibliophile. I was a little nervous that the library might fall down when he stepped in there!

The girls really love going to the library. They love books and enjoy seeing Happy, the guinea pig. Today they discovered a new talent...typing!

La La La La!  Elmo's song!
I could tell Rick was really touched when we let him take us for a ride! Since it was his birthday, he got to pick the music. Who knew he was such a Sesame Street fan?

After dinner, we lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Then, we stuffed our faces with cupcakes.  These divas can eat!
Lindsay is very serious about her food!
Sophie is happiest when she is eating.

Happy Birthday, Honey!  We love you!
Da loves his little divas!

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