Monday, January 3, 2011

RSV, Otherwise Known as Really Sucky Virus!

Sophie started with a fever last night and a slight cough.  I was a little nervous since I had to go back to work today but I figured it was just a little cold.  She wasn't up when I went to work so I called my babysitter around 8:30.  Her fever was still up but seemed okay.  Then, I got a phone call from Nanny Sue at about 10:15.  You have to understand that this woman never calls me so I knew that something was wrong.  When I called her back we both decided that Sophie could use a breathing treatment to help her with all of the coughing.  I was a little more concerned at this point but still not alarmed.

I arrived home at 3:15 and noticed that Sophie was breathing rapidly.  Her little tummy was going in and out quickly and she was coughing constantly.  I gave her another treatment and saw that there was no change so it was off to the doctor! 

After 2 breathing treatments, blood work, and Tylenol, our doctor determined that Sophie had RSV.  RSV is short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus or as I like to call it, Really Sucky Virus!  A lot of children get RSV but it can be very serious in preemies.  I know this firsthand because when Lindsay was 6 months old, she came down with RSV and ended up in the ICU at Hasbro.  Her infection went from bad to worse within a matter of hours and turned into life-threatening Bronchiolitis.  This is a deep lung infection that can cause death and nearly did in Lindsay.  So when I hear the intials RSV, I get a little PTSD!

Our doctor was quick to try and reassure me that Sophie is older and stronger now so she is better equipped to handle RSV and the chances that it will become more serious aren't as high.  But still I worry.  I worry for her and I worry for Lindsay.  I hate to see my daughters sick.  And I don't think they should ever have to see the inside of a hospital again after they spent the first 3 months of their lives in one.  So I'll watch them closely, give them lots of hugs, and hope for the best.  That's really all I can do.

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